Xtabi Resort

The name is as exotic as the quaint cottages and octagon shaped bungalows spilling across the countryside and perched atop rocky terraces overlooking a turquoise sea.

No highrise buildings, nothing taller then a palm tree. Swim in a tropical lagoon or sip a cool island drink while you watch a Negril sunset bursting in technicolor display. Later, dine in our spacious open-air seaside bar and restaurant. “The West End is the best end”

Take a break by the tranquil cliffs Xtabi Resort. Snorkel, eat, play and rest at our quaint seafront paradise.

The Xtabi Experience

Xtabi Resort has been a principle of the West End experience for 45 years. Built above a fossilized cliffside, our waters sit amongst some of the area’s most beautiful reefs.

A perfect snorkeling and swimming experience for everyone. We are centrally located near some of Negril’s favorite attractions such as Blue Hole, Boobie Cay Island, Benta and Mayfield Falls as well as Rick’s Cafe. WIth Xtabi’s own bar and restaurant on site, you can also feel free to submit to lazy days around the resort. 


They offer a wide range of rooms for your different needs. Open your doors to the ocean every morning or stay in a tucked away garden side cottages.

There’s more to do than just swim and sunbathe in the Negril area. Xtabi encourages you to enjoy all the things Jamaica has to offer including new fruits, restaurants, excursions, day trips and more.


The freshest ingredients go into our meals including the ackee that’s picked fresh from our own trees.

PO Box 3019 Lighthouse Road
(917) 974 - 3212