Cultural diversity and its phenomenal influence.  "THE AFRICAN-CARIBBEAN LINKAGE VIA THE BLACK STAR RENAISSANCE offers "an inclusive African-Caribbean culture and tourism industry that provides unique connections and business opportunities". Mentioned Donnaray the founder of the "Black Star Renaissance" initiative.

“The Black Star Renaissance” A collective of various partnership-driven valued entities spearheading by ROC Factory, in the efforts to support strategic alliances with Ministries, Tourism Sectors, Business, Organizations, a league professionals, brands and creatives for enhance foreign exchange earnings between the African-Caribbean Diaspora and West Africa.

ROC Factory; A Certified Diplomatic mouthpiece and faculty in partnerships with The Ministry Of Tourism Arts & Culture Republic Of Ghana to drive the unfolding renaissance towards a positive projection of the rich culture of it's peoples. Access one of the world's largest community of African Caribbean Linkage. The first official linkage begins this summer 2022 Jamaica 60th celebration.