Quiz & Trivia Games

Sports Trivia Quiz - Merlene Ottey

Let’s test your knowledge, how many out of these 4 questions can you get right. Start playing now and learn more about our athletes...

Jamaican History & Trivia Quiz

Questions are updated regularly, please return to this page for more !!!

Complete These Jamaican Proverbs

Let’s test your knowledge and see how Jamaican you are by completing these proverbs below.

How Jamaican Are You ? General Knowledge Quiz

Down below you will find questions and right or wrong answers to see how much you know about the Jamaican culture. Enjoy and share...

Can You Tell What Year These Events Took Place In Jamaican...

Let’s test your knowledge and see how Jamaican you are, Or how much you know about our history.

Can You Identity These Famous Places In Jamaica

Let’s Play A Triva Quiz To See How Well You Know Jamaica

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