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Kareems Quest

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Hosted by Kareem LaTouche, an award-winning journalist, Kareem's Quest takes an adventure-type approach while traveling across the island of Jamaica. Search KareemsQuest for more content

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Relaxing at Sandy Bay

With 35 rooms, Sandy Haven Resort Luxury Boutique is becoming a favourite with many locals. #KareemsQuest Where: Sandy Haven Resort...


Power Snorkeling in St. Ann

The device has a trigger to control the speed, which pulls you forward. Ideally it should be held below the chest, as the user is...


Push Cart Roller Coaster

Constantly trying to evolve in Jamaica’s competitive tourism attraction Market, Jamwest started their Push Cart ride. Kareem’s Quest...


Heading to Konoko Falls

Kareem’s Quest takes a journey to St. Ann to visit Konoko falls, which has majestic streams of water tumbling in nature’s own pool....


A day at Hope Zoo

When I saw this lion I remembered The Tokens’ 1961 hit song, The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Ironically, Hope Zoo curator, Zoey Brown told...


Skate park in Jamaica

The Freedom Skatepark provides a safe haven for the kids in the Bull Bay and adjoining communities, that are often affected by crime...

Tours & Excursions

Visiting Puerto Seco Beach

With the Jamaican government slowly allowing places of attractions to open up, Puerto Seco wants to be one of the first companies...

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