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Kareems Quest

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Hosted by Kareem LaTouche, an award-winning journalist, Kareem's Quest takes an adventure-type approach while traveling across the island of Jamaica. Search KareemsQuest for more content

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Eat & Drink

Indian Jerk and Curry Restaurant

On this episode, I'm headed to Petersfield, Westmoreland, where Indian Jerk and Curry Restaurant has become a favourite spot for foodies,...

Test Your Knowledge

Complete These Jamaican Proverbs

Let’s test your knowledge and see how Jamaican you are by completing these proverbs below.


Lashana Lynch At The No Time To Die Premier Wearing A Dress...

Adorned with an image of the Jamaican National Bird, the endemic Red-Billed Streamertail Humming Bird or Doctor Bird (Trochilus polytmus)....



Jamaica’s little piece of Paradise. Nestled on the shore of Robin’s Bay, St. Mary, Strawberry Fields Together! is a stunning 18 acres...


Trying to walk out Royalton Negril

On this adventure I'm heading to Royalton Negril in Westmoreland, to speak with the hotel representative Kerry Ann Quallo Casserly,...

Eat & Drink

Jamaican Style cooking for Independence

With Jamaica soon celebrating its 59th year of independence, Kareem’s Quest decided to ‘run a boat’ with chef Maurice Henry, who shares...


Relaxing at Sandy Bay

With 35 rooms, Sandy Haven Resort Luxury Boutique is becoming a favourite with many locals. #KareemsQuest Where: Sandy Haven Resort...

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