Our Gateway To Freedom - The Afro-Caribbean Linkage

We must celebrate Africa’s rich heritage, its people's, and cultural diversity.

Together with our unbreakable linkage from the Caribbean we have proven our resilience and cultures to be a global influence through our music. dance, food, language and natural resources.  

This moment we are calling on all to continue with the spirit of solidarity. "The Afro-Caribbean linkage will allow a more sustainable and inclusive African-Caribbean  industry for the Gateway to Africa and the Caribbean that will grow and provide greater opportunities for us all". Mentioned the Founder of the "Black Star Renaissance" Donnaray

Look out for the unbreakable linkage with King Reggae/Dancehall King Samini of the High Grade family from Ghana has partnership with  The Black Star Renaissance initiative to help bridge the linkage with ROC FACTORY and the Afro-caribbean diaspora

#rocfactory #blackstarrenaissance #afrocari #linkage https://youtu.be/Tlh2lt1H9Ew