Model Geena Whyte launches rum-centric Rummaz Bar in Negril on 4/20

Born in Kingston Jamaica, model turned rum-centric bar owner Geena Whyte has returned home to her roots to open Rummaz Bar on the West End in Negril, Westmoreland.

Model Geena Whyte launches rum-centric Rummaz Bar in Negril on 4/20

Known for birthing the most popular and favoured rums in the world, Jamaica will now have another place to experience world-class rums on the West End. Opening officially on 4/20, the rum bar features an indoor bar with a rooftop deck for private event space with a clean, white modern aesthetic with stripes of red, green and gold for a “rasta-chic” vibe.


From the world-famous Appleton to Hampden’s finest selection, Worthy Park’s full range, and National Rums of Jamaica’s MonyMusk line, Geena aims to shake up the bar scene in Negril by serving eclectic rum-infused cocktails.


Geena, a New York trained mixologist learned the game of hospitality while juggling her call times as a model in the metropolitan city.


Having modelled for American Apparel, and Land’s End among others, she’s now aiming to make her mark on the highly competitive Jamaican bar scene.


When asked what inspired the move, Geena remarked, “I moved from New York to Hawaii to be closer to nature. It was very expensive and not as welcoming as I thought island life would be. So I decided to pack up everything and move back to Jamaica and open a bar on the West End. When I saw where Hungry Lion used to be I thought it just felt right. It’s good to be home.”


Jamaica houses the highest number of rum bars per square mile, which makes it one of the best places in the world to sample different types of rum. What makes her rum bar stand out from the rest?


Geena added, “Rum is unquestionably the most diverse spirit in the world, we hope to offer our guests an innovative new approach to rum by featuring the largest rum selection in Jamaica Think modern Rasta theme. It’s very laid back and minimalist with a pop of red, green and gold.’


Rummaz Bar is located on the cliff-side of Negril, 179 West End Road in the location where Hungry Lion used to be. You can follow her on Instagram @rummazja, Hours will be from 11 am-to 10:00 p.m. Monday to Sunday.