Jamwest Motorsports & Adventure Park


Jamwest Motorsports and Adventure Park offers tours to tourists and locals. Ride an ATV over all types of terrains, from rocky hills to sandy shores. Zipline over the canopy while taking in a view of the Caribbean Sea, Mountains and plains. If your a nature lover, explore Jamaicas flora and fauna on the Rock Safari Tour. Come in for individual tours or take a Superdeal package

At Jamwest you can experience an ATV tour like no other, where you ride through Jamaica’s untouched wilderness, pass the warm Caribbean Sea and interact with locals from a quaint fishing village.

Their Racing Zip” is exclusive to Jamwest- having zip-lines running parallel, allowing 2 people to race each other simultaneously. Challenge yourself on our rock-climbing adventure. Take a dip in the cool, crisp waters of their mineral bath or plunge into our pool from our extreme water-slide.

Ever driven a race car? Go for top speeds on their unique driving experience. Saddle up and enjoy an exhilarating horseback ride into the warm Caribbean Sea. Discover Jamaica’s natural beauty as you learn about Jamaica’s rich culture, flora and fauna on their safari tour. Go for milder adventures by visiting their aviary or their petting zoo.

Experience world-class cuisine with a Jamaican twist and sample their signature drinks. Jamwest Motorsports and Adventure Park started as Jamwest Speedway in 2003. Located 28 minutes outside of Negril, Jamaica’s “casual capital”, the park is home to the largest speedway in the region. They are the only drag and circuit track in the Caribbean that offers an “arrive and drive” experience as an attraction.

Whether it’s a wild adventure to thrill your spirit, or a warm experience in between, Jamwest Adventure Park has the perfect excursion for everyone!