Jamaican Farmer Toni-Ann Lalor Has Been Crowned Miss United Nations World 2022

Jamaican Farmer Toni-Ann Lalor Has Been Crowned Miss United Nations World 2022

Former Miss Jamaica World contestant Toni-Ann Lalor has been crowned Miss United Nations World 2022.

Lalor, who previously held the title Miss Jamaica United Nations 2021, last evening (May 8) represented the country in the international pageant’s final night held in New Delhi, India.

In reflecting on her win, Lalor remarked: “As I embark on this magnificent journey as Miss United Nations World 2022, I am grateful for the trust that the noble organisation has reposed in me.

“I am further reminded of the people who helped me along the way to realise my dreams, a very big thank you.”

The Jamaican farmer turned beauty queen further informed: “This journey is a continuation of the work I started on my beautiful island of Jamaica. I look forward to expanding my philanthropic work to various territories across the world and aiding in the very important development drive.”

“I am ready to work, Toni-Ann Lalor equipped, ready and reporting for duty ,” stated Lalor.

The newly crowned Miss United Nations World first made headlines during her participation in the 2019 Miss Jamaica Universe pageant where she became known as the ‘farm queen’ due to her passion for farming and agriculture.

Over the years, Lalor has worn a number of hats including actress, teacher, mentor and philanthropist.

As Jamaica eagerly awaits what next Lalor has in store, the nation applauds her continued efforts toward nation-building and youth development.

ARTICLE CREDIT : https://our.today