Jamaican Chef In Houston Texas Started His Own Spice Company During Covid-19 Pandemic

Aldaine Oakley aka Chef Alley, born in August Town on February 28,1993. migrated to Houston, Texas in 2016 to go live with his newly wed wife. That year his wife and Him celebrated the 4th of July with some friends and he was in charge of the grill jerking some chicken. Everyone loved the chicken so much that one lady gave him $60 as a gift of appreciation.

1. Story

Aldaine Oakley

Growing up Aldaine always enjoyed watching his mother cook and helping her in the kitchen. He wanted to take everything she taught him and bring it to the next level and share it with the world.

This was the birth of Spice Jamaica, where his wife and Him went on to cater many Events ranging from Birthday Parties, Wedding and Corporate Event etc.
He started an instagram and Facebook page for Spice Jamaica and only had 30 followers. They kept pushing forward, staying consistent which lead them to now having over 20k followers. In early 2020 a vision came to him to create his own line of seasonings! Then came COVID-19 and put a pause on production, which allowed them to continue with planning, creating and finally they had a sample of their products in July 2020. After a few fixes they had their final products and Production started in September 2020. 

2. In Stores

In Stores

Since then he had gone back to the drawing board to create many more full flavored Caribbean inspired seasoning and God has blessed them to grow more and more each day. Now they have widen the brand and now selling in local store grocery called Pyburn’s in Houston Texas.
But will be getting into the larger grocery stores in the future in the United States 

To order any of their seasoning, you can go to our website at www.Spicejamaicallc.com 
Use promo code SPICE for 25% off your order.
They ship worldwide 
You can follow them on instagram and Facebook @spicejamaica 

3. Mission


Spice Jamaica's mission is to provide a versatile Caribbean blend of seasoning that's rich in flavor and excellent in taste.