Meet Kenya , A Jamaican Who Started Her Own Juice Business In The UK

Kenya was born in Mandeville, Manchester and grew up in Waterford, Portmore where she attended the Waterford Primary School. Kenya was very bright and entered many competitions as well as being a part of the speech and drama club. Her parents are her world. Her mother Janice would always offer her last cents and never failed to continually provide whilst working as a waitress and nurse trainee. Carl, her loving, caring and supportive father did everything he could for her, whilst working as a DJ and tailor. Kenya moved to the UK in 2001, where life quickly changed to colder weather and being around other children that she couldn't really relate to. She had her amazing little sister Kristen, so things weren't actually that bad. When Kenya completed her Degree in the UK, she knew that she wanted to give back to Jamaica and the local community. Her aim was to make her family proud.

Meet Kenya , A Jamaican Who Started Her Own Juice Business In The UK

Kenya bravely started her business Nat-Ju, that has been quenching the thirst of Birmingham, UK since January 2020. She fell in love with her idea and officially registered the business straight away. 

The business has been going exceptionally well. There's been a rise in the number of customers living in the community who are aware of all the benefits of juicing, and with their ongoing support, encouragement and recommendation, the success of Nat-Ju have increased dramatically.

Kenya is currently going through the process of renovating a small space in her home that will be completely dedicated and utilised for the business. This will allow room for more creative ideas when it comes to marketing and bigger orders. 

As the business become more popular, Kenya is grateful for the many opportunities that they've had, such as delivering products out to more than 15 different cities outside of Birmingham and witnessing life changing results in customers that have successfully completed the popular juice cleanses that Nat-Ju offers. Kenya's mother works for the business mainly when there are huge cleanse bookings and accompanies her on all of the long distance delivery trips. 

Nat-Ju also sells teas that are hand picked and rooted in Mandeville, Jamaica. Kenya's father is the man behind all the teas such as guava, moringa, bamboo and lemongrass. They've also shipped tea orders across to Dubai.

The team is built on family. 

As an independent juice business, they have developed relationships with exceptional vendors to bring the best quality products.
When you see them, you see beauty and pure love.

Nat-Ju strongly believe that amazing quality drinks and beneficial herbal teas should be available to everyone at prices that don’t cost a fortune. Since Nat-Ju started to operate, they’ve seen plenty of changes in the way people approach healthy and tasty juices and they couldn’t be more excited.

One of Kenya's wish is to have a natural juice bar located on one or many of Jamaica's stunning beaches. 

"Cut To The Taste" - Nat-Ju.