The World's No#1 Photo Book About Jamaica

Travel Photo Book Jamaica the land we love introduces nature, rivers, mountains, waterfalls, but also a places, where most famous Jamaican Bob Marley lived. You will be taken to sunny beaches, inside city life and day to day lives of local people. You are going to meet those, who make up today’s Jamaica. Exclusive night in a place, where you can light a fire in the water, will remind you the fire in Jamaican’s heart’s. We also have the honour to introduce pride of Jamaican’s people on annual march of Maroon’s in Accompong Town.

The World's No#1 Photo Book About Jamaica
The World's No#1 Photo Book About Jamaica
The World's No#1 Photo Book About Jamaica

More than 700 stunning photos, divided into 45 chapters printed on 340 pages is verified by our research like the biggest photo collection about Jamaica ever published. Our photographer Michal Šott captured real Jamaican life through authentic lens. Enormous amount of localities, hidden places known only by locals, one of most dangerous places on island, day to day lives of local people, tropical nature, fisherman methods, life of the farmers and country life. Heritage of the Maroons or legacy of Marcus Garvey in downtown Kingston, Liberty Hall. Speak about legendary Trench Town, where Bob Marley recorded Tata Ford song No woman No cry. The book takes you inside authentic Jamaica. From east to west, from south to north, pictures giving complex view on the island an you will literally feel the vibes of Jamaica.

Jamaican Farmer Bob

Author of the book is Katerina Budinova. Photographer Michal Šott and Very special thanks go to Stacy-Ann Dawkins and Noel Dawson. The book Jamaica The Land We Love is must see photo book before travel to Jamaica. Jamaica is nation that millions want to visit, but few will get an opportunity to. For those who do, many claim their lives will never be the same again. Jamaica is beautiful and dangerous country. There is few travel guides, but they are only full of addresses and phone numbers and photo of real Jamaica is there very rare, if not non at all. We are happy to say that the worldwide field of the books is welcoming new stunning release about Jamaica on travel and photography . In ‘Jamaica The Land We Love’, Katerina Budinova share her love of the nation through more than 700 stunning photos taken by her brother Michal Šott. 45 chapters and 340 pages, with special thanks dedication to Stacy-Ann Dawkins and Noel Dawson. Each showcases Jamaica’s history, nature, rich culture and boundless qualities that make it one of the world’s most awe-inspiring places. In the book is more than 700 stunning photos, 45 chapters and 340 pages. Jamaica The Land We Love became first internationally published photo book about Jamaica in last decade.

YS Falls, Jamaica

  • Amazing amount of 45 Chapters takes you inside Jamaica and you can literally feel vibrations of the island. The pictures telling stories about tropical paradise of Jamaica and it’s people.

Firewater St.Ann Jamaica.

The photography show you fisherman’s techniques at seawater and fisherman method at freshwater. Also amazing life of Jamaican’s farmers. You will see how to cook authentic Jamaican food. But also life of Rastafari movement or local musicians. Places where Bob Marley lived, and secret hidden places, known only by the locals. Tropical nature, fruits, flowers and rainforests. Birds, lizards, iguanas, crocodiles or snakes. Photographs in the Book Jamaica The Land We Love also introduce life in the ghetto and some of most dangerous places on island. Jamaica occupying an area of 11,000 square kilometers (4,250 square miles). For many years, the country has been notorious for having one of the World’s highest homicide rates. The latest statistics by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has confirmed it.

Golden Spring, North of Kingston, Jamaica.

The greatest photo collection about Jamaica ever published in the world of books.

Photo Book Jamaica: The Land We Love will take you to smaller or bigger towns, like just for example Savanna-La Mar, Falmount, Negril, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay or capital city Kingston, where you can see not only the Legacy of Marcus Garvey in downtown. From south to north, from east to west of the island and adventures of country life. The Book, also introduce tourists attractions and most important localities, where millions of tourist coming every year to spend their awesome holidays. First internationally published: 31/7/2020

ST. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

Jamaica | Book | Austin Macauley Publishers

From south to north, from east to west of the island and adventures of country life.

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List of chapters:

1) Jamaicans fisherman,
2) Dunn’s Rivers Falls,
3) Black River,
4) Negril Beach,
5) Kingston,
6) Kingston Trench Town,
7) Flat Bridge,
8) Bird Centre,
9) Columbus Park,
10) Montego BAY,
11) Ocho Rios,
12) Falmouth,
13) Fire Water,
14) Blue Lagune,
15) Wakefield,
16) James Bond Beach,
17) Savanna-La Mar,
18) Westmoreland,
19) ZOO,
20) Good Hope,
21) John Croo,
22) Lizards,
23) Saint Ann Priority Beach,
24) Saint Ann Nine Mile,
25) Bog Walk,
26) Port Maria,
27) St James Farmers,
28) YS Falls,
29) Blue Mountains,
30) St Mary parish,
31) Calabash Beach,
32) Montpelier, Anchovy, Papaya farm,
33) John’s Hall adventure tours,
34) Product of Jamaica,
35) Ackee and Saltfish,
36) Appleton estate rum tour,
37) Great River,
38) Golden Spring,
39) Liberty Hall, Marcus Garvey,
40) Doctors Cave Beach,
41) Montego Bay,
42) Nathaniel Dawis,
43) Rastafari,
44) The Accompong Town, Maroons,
45) Flankers,

Authentic cultural photographs from Jamaica.

Best photos from all over Jamaica ever published.
Jamaica The Land We Love
Author: Katerina Budinova
Photographer: Michal Šott
Special Thanks: Stacy-Ann Dawkins and Noel Dawson
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