Ghana Tourism Sector and the Renaissance Journey

There is no doubt that Ghana’s Tourism is pristine and growing steadily and, therefore, deserves particular attention if, indeed, it is purposed to contribute significantly to the country’s GDP and, as a pro-poor sector, creates jobs and employment for a large number of the unemployed Ghanaian youths, while pushing the Tourism sector into the category of advanced tourist destinations globally.

Ghana Tourism Sector and the Renaissance Journey
King Wailer & Donnaray Roc

Undoubtedly, the contribution of the Travel and Tourism industry to the GDP of many countries with developed tourist destinations cannot be under-estimated.

According to the United NationsWorld Tourism Organisation’s Global Tourism Rankings,the most visited destinations by international tourists and their associated receipts in 2018 were France, 89.4 million and $67.3 billion; Spain, 82.8 million and $73.8 billion; the US, 79.6 million and $214.5 billion; China, 62.9 million and $40.4 billion and Italy, 62.1 million and $49.3 billion, while in Africa, Morocco, attracted 12.3 million tourists and accrued $7,775 million; Egypt, 11.3 million and $11,615 million; South Africa, 10.5 million and $8,939 million; and Tunisia, 8.3 million and $1,713 million respectively. The same statistics showed Ghana’s destination is not among the first top ten in Africa. 

Despite the abundance of historical, cultural, and natural tourism products to woo tourists to Ghana, patronage remains surprisingly low. Marketing, promoting (proper packaging), and increasing the awareness of the brand identity of Ghana internationally are among the critical mix of factors to address to make Ghana an attractive destination to international visitors and tourists.

The Roc Factory and Renaissance Journey provides the key to unlocking the floodgate of unbridled international tourists’ flow to Ghana.The Renaissance Journey (Roc Factah) is powered by the Roc Factory, which essentially seeks to create a video with high-quality content of Ghana’s tourism, arts, and culture products plus profiling key personalities in the industry, while increasing and driving visibility, brand advocacy, and high traffic.

The RenaissanceJourneyprojects Blackman’s conscience, bridges the yawning gap between the African Continent and the Diaspora brethren through the promotion of and marketing Ghana’s tourism, arts, and culture resources to Roc Factory’s vast international audience.

The Renaissance Journey is designed to connect Ghana with the Diaspora and incentivise global interests and preferences for the Ghanaian destination and contribute to the country’s development drive via the Tourism sector’ssocial and economic investments.

In the seat of the Roc Factory and Renaissance Journey caravan is Donnaray Roc, who is a GlobalAward-Winning Artistic Director, Brand Jamaica, and Cultural Ambassador, and doubles as President of the Roc Factory – a grassroots Renaissance Re-defining Hub.

This lady, who wants to sell, market, promote and project the Ghanaian brand identity to its crescendo, is in the country filming and producing videos of the tourism, arts, and cultural heritage of Ghana. 

On video production content, Donnaray Roc visited and filmed key tourism, arts, and cultural attractions across the country and profiled personalities behind the unimaginable tourism plants that abound in Ghana. Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Royal Senchi Hotel, Hillary Resort, Yoks Car Rental, Theia Coffee House, Akropong Jamaican village, Bonsu Forest Reserve, Umbrella Rock, Elmina Castle and Museum, Kakum National Park, Manhyia Place Museum, Bonwire Kente Weaving Village, James Town (for the display of Kenkey preparation and general Ga lifestyle) are among the many tourism, arts, and culture plants covered.

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture supported by the Ghana Tourism Authority and the Roc Factory have proposed March 3 2021 for the launch of this incredible project that aims at unpacking and compartmentalising the Ghanaian tourism resources for the development and revolutionisation of a niche promotion and marketing campaign for the country’s tourism enterprises.

A mouth-watering two-minute excerpt of the video will be shown at the launch to inform the Ghanaian public of the project and its potential to changing the face of tourism, arts and culture promotion, and marketing via the Roc Factory’s international platforms and social media.

Credit : Ghana Times