Christianity (Black Church) and Black Inferiority || Sista P Speaks

SIGN UP TO RECEIVE UPDATES FOR NEW VIDEOS, ARTICLES, PLANT BASED RECIPES, BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS, AND FREE GIVEAWAYS FROM KONCIOUST.COM Fulljoy upful reasoning with African elder Sista P discussing the impact of Christianity practiced in the Black Church and Black Inferiority on the people of African descent. Black Church Black Church Music Praise Break Pauline Petinaud (Sista P) Founder and Producer of Fi Wi Sinting the largest Black History Month event in has serviced the people of Jamaica for the past 30 years. She has dedicated her time to preserving Jamaica’s traditional culture and heritage, improving literacy, exposing Jamaicans to life on the continent and has attained the status of Cultural Ambassador among her peers. The achievements of Sista P over the years are testimony of her limitless love for people: *As the Jamaican representative and Board member to PANAFEST (Pan African historical theatre festival) the largest festival of its kind held in Ghana bi-annually, she has made several trips to Ghana, Togo and Benin. Her trips have been so popular that over 100 Jamaicans have accompanied her including lawyers, doctors, teachers, politicians, musicians and farmers. *The Content Model School an Afro-centric educational institution which she built for her community, Content District that sent the first set of students from the community to attend high school. *The Content Model School Drummers who won several gold medals in The Jamaica Cultural Development’ s performing arts competitions and performed in the USA, Africa and Trinidad. *The Nayamka Drummers who were the first Jamaican group to win the coveted World Champion Trophy at the World Championships of the Performing Arts held in Hollywood, California 2001. *Contributor and occasional host of Irie FM’s Running African program. *Contributor to “Inside the Village Square” radio program in a segment “Yard View” on WVIP 93.5 FM, New York. * Host of the Spiritual Vibrations program on Stlyz FM 96.1, Port Antonio, Jamaica. Tune into 'I NEVER KNEW