Bob Marley Museum

Bob Marley Museum

Visit the birthplace and resting place of the late reggae legend Bob Marley on this all-day tour to Nine Miles. The tiny village is located in St. Ann and offers expansive views of the area’s mountain peaks.

The tour includes a stop at Mount Zion, the spot where Marley drew inspiration for his songs. Also visit the church where his body was laid to rest.

This Bob Marley Museum is located in Nine Mile, St.Ann which is the community where Bob Marley was born and raised as well buried.

There are two Mausoleums on the grounds, one for Bob Marley and the other his mother’s. No videos or pictures were allowed in those areas hence why they were not shown in the video.

Apart from that the Museum has alot of other interesting things about it like even showing you the room Bob was raised and and even the rock he would regularly sit on when he would be ‘holding a meditation.’

Bob Marley Museum & Mausoleum - Nine Mile, St.Ann