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The Caribbean Basin has the unique distinction of a myriad of different cultures and ethnicities melded together by historical and geographic factors to yield a mosaic of physical and genetic features. As a result of this mixture, individuals descended from this gene pool have a distinct genetic makeup. This makes it difficult to find a match for those stricken with hematological and auto-immune diseases, in need of a stem cell/bone marrow transplant.

The Caribbean Bone Marrow Registry is dedicated to helping those descended from the region, Latin America and beyond in need of a transplant and support. We have over thirty years experience in the field. Our modes of operation include conducting community drives for patients, working with other worldwide registries, ancestral genetic studies, as well as providing HLA-Matched Platelets for thrombocytopenic patients.

*You can help those individuals by becoming a potential donor or sponsor.



To join the registry is simple. All is needed to fill out our consent questionnaire and submit buccal swabs for DNA typing.

*Age: 18 -60
*Health: Good
*Cost: $80

The above fee helps us cover the cost of HLA typing, but if you are not able to cover it - please let us know via email. The chances of being called as a donor is low based on ethnic diversity. Also, one can cancel their membership at any time. To receive your sign-up kit, head over to the support page or email us. You will be contacted within 48 hours.

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