Another Teenage Girl Gone Missing in St Thomas

News of her disappearance came hours after an intense search led to the rescue of nine-year-old Phylisa Prussia who was abducted from her home also in Bath. The abductor remains at large. Superintendent Allison Byfield, the commanding officer for the St Thomas Police Division, confirmed Winshay's disappearance.

Another Teenage Girl Gone Missing in St Thomas
Winshae Barrett.

The police in Bath, St Thomas have launched a search for another girl, this time a teenager who was reported missing sometime after 4:00 pm Saturday.

She has been identified as 13-year-old Winshae Barrett.

“We are on the ground now trying to see if we can locate her,” Deputy Superintendent of police, O’neil Thompson, told News 

“Right now as we speak we are searching the area,” he added.

Winshae reportedly went missing while tending to livestock in bushes with her older sister.

An alarm was raised and a search turned up unsuccessful. 

Winshay's mother fainted upon hearing the news, and was rushed to a hospital for treatment. 

In the meantime, soldiers and police who were earlier deployed in the search for little Phylisa are now trying to find the 13-year-old-girl. 

The latest development comes mere hours after nine year-old Phylisa Prussia was found alive, nearly two days after she was abducted from her home, also in Bath, St Thomas.

The police and residents were searching another section of the district in their efforts to locate the man who is believed to be Phylisa’s abductor when the missing teenager’s older sister reported her missing. It is believed that she was also abducted and that the suspect in connection with Phylisa’s abduction is also being sought in relation to the latest case.

Thompson said the police are continuing their search for the suspect.

While the entire nation has been rejoicing following news that Phylisa was found alive and taken to hospital for medical checks, another family is now on edge and are praying that they too will be quickly reunited with their loved one.